Holiday Decoration Storage
January 6, 2021

Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage

Need a place to keep all the extra decorations you bought for the holidays this past year? Valley Storage has your solutions, with 25 locations in the northeast United States. Whether you need a large drive-up storage unit in Akron OH or a temperature-controlled option in Harrisonburg VA, Valley Storage has you covered. Find your holiday decoration storage online, and follow our tips below for easy storage.

Holiday Decoration Storage

Trees and Ornaments

These are two items that need to be securely packed in their boxes to avoid damage. If your artificial tree can move inside its box, its branches could bend and needles could fall off. Ornaments are just highly breakable, especially if you have heavier materials, like glass. More fragile ornaments should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap or newspaper. Plastic ornaments should stay OK as long as you include some padding so they cannot crash around.

Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

Whether you choose to store your wrapping supplies at home or in your storage unit, you should pack your supplies in a moisture-proof bin. It will keep your paper products’ quality intact for when you need it again.

Holiday Decoration Storage with Valley Storage

Valley Storage has 25 self storage locations across six states: North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. We offer storage solutions for all your needs, from holiday decoration storage to large commercial storage. Find the right drive-up or temperature-controlled storage unit to fit all your items in a nearby facility. Our storage facilities also have resources to help you store. We have on-site professionals to answer any questions you might have. And we sell packing supplies, so you have everything you need in one convenient storage location. You can find your storage online today! Find the location closest to you and browse its available storage units. Then choose to rent or reserve!