how to pack storage unit
March 31, 2021

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Is there a proper way to pack your storage unit? Absolutely. Luckily, Valley Storage Co has some tips to help you pack your storage unit. Valley Storage Co offers the best storage units to the east coast area. Additionally, Valley Storage Co is an excellent option for university students. Read more below to learn of some helpful tips to pack your storage unit.

3 Tips to Help You Pack Your Storage Unit

  • Keep an aisle open for easy access. Make sure that all of your items are easily accessible by keeping an aisle open in your storage unit. Avoid clutter, and pack any larger items toward the back of your storage unit. Mattresses, larger furniture, and exercise equipment should all be packed furthest away from your door.
  • Label everything. In a recent guide, details the importance of creating an inventory list for your storage unit. Similarly, make sure to label all storage boxes and plastic bins being packed into your storage unit. Taking photos of your items is another great way to keep track of everything you are storing.
  • Wrap your fragile items. Utilize stretch wrap, bubble wrap, tape, and padding to protect any fragile items you will be keeping in storage. Furniture items and exercise equipment can be covered with blankets to protect them from scratches or other marks. Visit Valley Storage today to stock up on moving and storage supplies.

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Valley Storage Co operates storage facilities across the east coast. Facilities are located in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and the Pennsylvania area. Facility amenities include moving and storage supplies, temperature-controlled storage units, and the convenience of drive-up access. Additionally, locations are safe and secure with monitored gate access, and personalized keypad access. With these helpful tips you should be ready to rent. Come see us today!