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5 Apartment Storage Tips

5 Apartment Storage Tips

Many want to have an organized open home, but if your space is not accommodating it can be a challenge. Our apartment storage tips offer a few suggestions if your apartment or house is not the best when it comes to extra space. Valley Storage is a multi-location storage facility with storage units in Hagerstown MD, Denver NC, Williamsport MD and a neighborhood near you. With all these storage options, you can choose a storage unit nearby to alleviate your storage needs.

Apartment renters find it hard to store vehicles, RVs, and sometimes seasonal gear. That is where self storage can play a vital role in your peace of mind.

Home & Apartment Storage Tips

  1. After the kids move our parents may want to downsize their space. Renting a self storage unit can help them ease into their new home without making too many edits to their belongings.
  2. College dorms are not known for having lots of storage space. So if your college student needs a safe place to store extra items during the school year or after the semester, check Valley Storage.
  3. Growing family? As your family expands, your space shrinks. Move furniture to storage, or save items from the first child for the next one.
  4. Is your seasonal gear spilling out of the closet? Make your closet an organized space by storing outdoor equipment and items rarely used in a small storage unit. Use our storage calculator to determine the correct size storage unit.
  5. Maybe you have a new home on the horizon and you want to upgrade your furniture, store everything in a storage unit. Our extra space is also great for homeowners getting ready to stage their homes and sell.

Whether moving to a new place or just using the space you have, our Valley Storage locations can help. We offer month-to month leasing, and a secure place to store your valuables.

Looking for apartments for rent? Check out Zillow, Trulia, or Apartment Finder for rentals in your area. You can find your home, or apartment there and then let Valley Storage assist with your move. Talk with our storage experts today.

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