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Selling, Staging, Storing, all you need to know

This month we are focusing on getting you ready for the next open house. Did you know a storage rental from Valley Storage Co. can help you with a speedy sale? Staging does not have to cost a fortune, you can do it all with the belongings you already have. Use our key points if you are considering putting your house up for sale.

Storage rental to help stage your home

Use what you have

Make a few edits but do not get rid of every piece of furniture or picture off the wall. The important things to move to storage would be anything not used on regular basis. Inspect each room and simply start packing the extras; eventually everything will get put into boxes and moved to the new house, you are simply expediting the situation. Valley Storage Co. is the perfect place to store these items while the house hunt continues.

Details, Details, Details

The tiny details are what will set you apart. Once the large furniture is moved into storage and there is clear space, now you can put your attention towards a colorful detail or two. Bring some plants from outdoors and pot them for the guest bedroom. Flowers have a way of energizing a room. Depending on the season will determine what theme most rooms will have. In the fall think pumpkins and gords. In the winter think crisp white or blue. There are many possibilities just remember to stay simple.

Think like a buyer

Avoid overwhelming a buyer as soon as they walk in the door. If the foyer is a vibrant color, tone it down with a fresh coat of neutral paint. Go the extra step and have carpets cleaned and hardwoods resurfaced. The fresh smell will be a welcomed improvement.

Get your house noticed with our budget friendly home staging tips. Create a desired space to show off your house with a storage rental from any of our Valley Storage Co. locations.

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