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Summer Self Storage Tips: Preparing for Cooler Weather

Cooler weather is right around the corner and Valley Storage has the self storage tips to make storing successful. With multiple storage facilities near you and online storage rental options, we provide the convenience and ease storage should have. Clearing out the garage in time for winter, is made easier with the extra space our storage units provide. Each location has an expert, moving supplies, and the storage unit you need to get ready for colder months.

Start storing for fall with self storage tips from the pros

Self Storage Tips

  • Scrub chair pads, chairs, tables and anything else that sits outside all summer. Pollen collects on these items and wears down the finish. If your paint came off when scrubbing apply a new layer and allow them to dry before storage
  • Choose a Valley Storage location with temperature controlled storage units if you plan to move sensitive items to storage, like photographs and products for your business. This feature makes a big difference when the weather changes drastically.
  • Close the pool and move bottles of chemicals to storage to free up shelves in the garage. By adding a label and moving these chemicals to a storage unit, you can utilize the space for necessary winter tools.
  • Some of our facilities have parking for large summer vehicles like RVs and cars. Add a stabilizer to the gas tank, and vacuum the inside to lift dirt and freshen your space.
  • Do you run your office or business from home? Now is a great time to go through the filing cabinets and take old documents to storage.

Whether your business needs a little extra space or your home is going through a drastic organization project this fall, Valley Storage is the answer. We provide self storage tips to store all your items and storage units that maintain a level of security you want. Talk with the on site storage professionals to get started renting your next unit.

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